As mentioned in our recent blog, the two-storey home is a type of house that has two storeys, which means the house consists of a ground floor and an upper floor. Typically, this type of house is best suited for a growing family of five or more members. A two-storey house has a huge ground foor space that can accommodate people and give them a comfortable living. The ground floor includes the kitchen, dining area, living room, bedrooms and other amenities. However, on the upper floor, it can be used for private areas such as other bedrooms and for personal purposes.

Both homes are good. Whether it is a bungalow, a condo unit, or a two-storey house, what matters is it gives you the convenience of living that you need. If you are planning to live in a two-storey house, you can communicate with Homelockers, an established House Construction company in the Philippines.

Here are the advantages of living in a two-storey house:

1. Size

Of course, a two-storey house is not a type of home where you will put all your things on the ground floor. You have great opportunities to put them in their respective places. Having a small block can make your home look crowded and will give you headaches on finding enough spaces to store them. Well, in a two-storey house, you can increase the size of your house by moving upstairs. Consider a situation that the lot is limited in size and expensive. With two-storey homes, not only you are gaining more space but only saving more money as well.

2. Backyard

As homeowners, most of us want to have a backyard space. It’s like having a space for recreation and not just limiting ourselves in the corners of our room. If you have a small block, you can’t achieve it if you opt for a single story home. Doing so will eat a lot of space allotted for your garden. A two-storey house can maximize the surrounding spaces and will give you home for your gardening and landscape ideas.

3. Good Investment

When thinking of building a house and choosing what style, always think of its long-term value and future costs. A double-storey house can deliver better returns and save your investment. Also, it is easy to modify and build an additional space. This type of home is cheaper and fits your lifestyle preferences. You have a growing family and it is better to have your kids and family members have separate living areas. Two-storey house is functional and is good value for money.

4. Better Outlook

A two-storey home is can accommodate large spaces, features and functional layout. Because there are many options upstairs, it gives you more chances to explore your creativity. They have good potential for a more peaceful and quiet place where you can install bedrooms and other functional accessories. Also, having a good elevation makes your house stand out from the neighboring single-storey house. What’s a better feeling than relaxing in the veranda and looking to the view below.