Not all houses come in similar sizes. We have big, medium-sized and small houses in the community. No matter how they look or what amount of budget we put; whether large or little, we can still make the most of it. Our homes are our own treasure and so, we want to make it look stunning and functional as possible. However, small houses are of a bit of disadvantage because of its small and tight spaces. When you think of design ideas that will complement your house structure, you are on the right blog.

In this post, we will be giving practical solutions that will be a best suit for your small space house.


When you have a little room, you have a limited space in your house. That’s why it is important to maximize the use of it. If you have an extra space, you can turn it out to be a home office and utilize more the desk and shelves attached to the wall. This can be your good work station when you are doing tasks with your PC and working with other materials.


Tight bathroom spaces are very hard to work with. They can present challenges and can cause accidents. You don’t want it to happen. Install narrow wall shelves in the upper wall for the storage of your bathroom items like towels, shampoo, lotion and many more. Get the most of your bathroom ideas and keep things simpler and more efficient.


You know that your house is small and using dark painting will make it darker and smaller. In order to enhance the mood of your room, it is better to use light colors. This makes your room appear larger and more inviting. Avoid using deep colors, but instead, allow colors of blue, white and other combinations occupy the walls. It adds value to the home interior.


When you are left with only a few available options and you have plenty of materials to work on, think of an idea to put a storage beneath the stairs. You can use these stairs by adding a shelving unit into it. It will even look fancy and wow your visitors. Aside from making these as a storage for your accessories and essentials, these shelves can also turn to an amazing book shelves and showcase your valued book collections and memorabilia.


What makes things simpler and neater is the wise use of dividers. When you section the space of your small room, you can have a good amount of storage to prioritize your things. A divider can also be a good transition for your living room to the other part of your house. A standing bookcase with a curtain rod and impressive drapes just make it awesome.


Since kitchen is a busy workplace to cook and prepare for the meals, it would be better if you can have the ease of movement. A kitchen island can help decrease your multi-tasking efforts and make the food preparation more comfortable. Invest in a kitchen island to supplement the countertop space. It would save a lot of time in utilizing your kitchen preparation area and provide more opportunities to showcase the value and function of your kitchen.