Homes come in different sizes and styles. Depending on our budget and preference, our home can be something that we can be proud of. It is a place where we live and spend most of our time with our loved ones. Our homes speak of our personality and also define our way of living.

A home is one of the most essential human need. Without it, it is difficult to survive. Even in ancient times, people have developed styles of houses to suit the climate and the surroundings they are living with. Our home is our shelter that serves as our protection from the sun, rain, weather conditions and other elements. It also provides us safety and comfort. What’s more satisfying is we bring our family and friends and hangout and live together.

Here are the common types of homes in the Philippines. This guide will help you choose the type of property that will bring the most of your personality and lifestyle.


Bungalows are single-storey houses and is one of the most common type of house built in the country. They sometimes have an additional raise to let more sunlight go in. In bungalow houses, the living area, kitchen, dining area, bathroom and bedroom are placed all on the same floor. They are easy to maintain and suitable for elderly people since they will have no trouble on getting upstairs for other house activities. Since bungalows are cost-efficient, this have been the primary choice of small families and young couples.


A multi-storey house is simply a type of house that has multiple storeys and two or more floors. This type of house is best fit for a growing family of 5 or more members. Since there is a large number of people that will occupy the house, it’s good to have a wider and more sufficient space. Commonly, the living and dining areas, including the kitchen and other rooms are settled on the ground floor; while the other spaces allotted for private areas such as bedrooms can be found on the other floor.


While other types of houses are built as a single building, a townhouse is usually built as a conjoined unit (also called apartment) and is occupied by individual tenants. These occupants were granted the authority and ownership of the house. It is good for families that do not have that big capital to invest in a regular house. Townhouses share a common wall, roof and other amenities and outdoor spaces. They are built with a uniform architecture and is maintained properly by the respective persons in the townhouse association within the community.


Here in the Philippines, especially in places like Manila and other nearby busy and populated cities, a condo unit has been one of the best residential choices. It is a mid-rise or a high-rise real estate building that is divided into multiple units. These units are separately owned by its occupants, whereby the facilities, common areas and amenities are jointly shared.