The foundations of your house construction is extremely vital for the safety and protection of your building. It is where your house will anchor on. Of course, you do not want your house to be poorly built and prone to damage. No one desires to waste an investment and effort. There are different types of materials used in foundation that will make your house strong and highly-resistant to climate conditions.

Here is list of foundation construction materials used in homes:


Concrete is one of the most popular choice of building materials available in the market. Most houses are built with this material as it has proven itself to last for many years. It has been the major component of walls and foundations. Concrete is simply a composite material that is composed of paste, aggregates or rocks. It is mixed well and come up in a fluid form and hardens. Before pouring down the concrete, a wooden frame is first constructed as a guide to the structure. The frame can only be removed once the concrete hardens.


Concrete cannot carry alone the weight of the entire house. Thus, to provide support to the foundation, the metal reinforcements are normally added. Without the help of metal, the house will eventually collapse and not able to last longer. Metal ensures durability and extra strength to the house foundation.


A concrete block, also called hollow blocks, is a brick-like material that is primarily used for the construction of the walls. It is commonly composed of a mixture of powdered Portland cement, water, sand, and gravel. They have on or more hollow cavities and are laid one at a time depending on the desired length and height, and are sealed together by fresh concrete. This creates a highly-compressive strength foundation. Also, take note that a block varies in weight. A lighter block is suitable for smaller facilities while a heavier block is for stronger work.


In some cases, there are houses that do not concentrate on using concrete blocks and other conventional and fundamental foundation materials. As you can see in some old residential houses, they make use of brick and stones for their foundations. This may appear strong similar to the qualities of the concrete but it presents a disadvantage. Because it is not fully filled in, there are gaps between the stones and this matter is vulnerable to water damage.


When working with a tight and low budget, people think of an alternative to concrete. Wood is a natural and strong choice. Notice how the trees weather the storm and stand for a number of years. Take this quality out and impregnate it with chemicals that will prevent the wood from rotting, molds and termites. A carefully treated wood can be a strong and stable base for your house.


These materials used in foundation construction is a very deciding factor to the structure of your house. Whatever materials you are using, it is important not to be confident. Take a time to check them and be aware of their present conditions, as slight damage or crack can lead to unnecessary conditions. If something unnatural happens, it is advisable to contact a professional and have them provide solutions in the problem.