Our Technology

                Homelockers are using cast-in-place technology to build resilient and at the same time affordable houses here in the Philippines. Our latest system is faster compare to other systems for building house structures, faster than any masonry construction, and eliminates time consuming traditional process. Our cast-in-place concrete construction materials are in temporary form to shape until it hardens. For further clarification, it is transported in an unhardened state and easily placed in forms. Our cast-in-place concrete materials are the good choice for the foundation of your house because of its long-term durability. In addition to that, it can also be used for any structural support of your house such as columns, walls, as well as floors. In terms of sustainability, cast-in-place concrete has many environmental benefits during constructions as well as for the life of the structure.

                Nothing can penetrate cast in place concrete easily since there are no cracks or gaps when building. Another advantage of our cast-in-place is the higher marks of insulation it provides including thermal insulation and sound insulation to make the home lowered from the noise outside. Despite providing trustworthy and reliable services, Homelockers also ensures that the concrete can stand up to natural disasters and damages. Having a less replacement means reduced resource requirements.