Homelockers Bataan

Home constructor Bataan

When it comes to quality of services, Homelockers are the Philippines’ top choice and affordable house constructor. Our team composed of enthusiastic architects, engineers, foremen and skilled workers that have enormous knowledge and experience in construction industry, willing to meet expectation and satisfaction for every client they working with.

In addition to that, we don’t use any conventional methods and we have our own systems providing you a home that you deserve wherein your entire wall will be your foundation. Our system advantages are high earthquake and typhoon resistant, design for houses that is adaptable in all climate condition, high fire resistant, cooler ambiance and termite free. Let our team turn your typical house into a luxurious one. We have excellent design for clients and we plan based on their budget.

Designer and builder in Bataan

When it comes to architectural design and engineering expertise, team at Homelockers are capable to provide an outstanding design and outcome for every project.  With the knowledge and expertise of our skilled workers, they provide excellent design and high quality of service in Bataan. You can only find workers that are prepared and specialized for every request you have for your house in Homelockers construction and development. We are willing to deliver a quality design and construction for the residence of Bataan.

A worthy and reliable house constructor Bataan

Looking for a team that is dependable and worthy service provider for building your dream house? Searching for a house constructor is not hard these days but hiring a trustworthy and reliable service provider for building your home is not that easy. Don’t take a risk hiring a wrong local constructor just to build your house.  It requires skills and expertise to build a house right and carefully. Here at Homelockers, we don’t just build a house for you. We have our own system wherein your entire wall will be your foundation. We are commended by our clients in constructing elegant finished home for Filipino families.

Project Consultancy in Bataan

For almost 7 years of management in the industry of construction, Homelockers ensure you a job well done service. With the experience and skills of the team, we prevent work structure breakdown that may lead to double the expenses and leave you a problem afterwards, not only emotionally but also financially, sending your hard earned cash straight down to the unfinished project. We guarantee to deliver the most effective method to increase and improve the project construction providing a detailed cost estimates, schedule, performance evaluation and quality assurance.

10 years structural warranty Bataan

Homelockers offer their high quality of services in house construction with 10 years of structural warranty. Our staff gives the manufacturer’s warranties for specified products or systems of the house and in general a limited warranty on the workmanship of the project as specified in the Certificate of Warranty which is hereby made integral part of the AGREEMENT. We are prepared to provide reliable and efficient solution to rectify the issue as long as your unit is not altered, modified, adjusted, revised, changed, refitted, redone, retailored, mutated, or expanded. For more inquiries and information, please contact us today.