Homelockers Olongapo

House constructor Olongapo

Let the expert team at Homelockers turn your typical house into a luxurious one. With the help of our young and enthusiast architects, engineers and foremen, Homelockers ensures to provide a high quality of workmanship for the construction of your house in Olongapo. Our team has its own expertise and experience in engineering wherein they can able to provide effective solution to everyday challenge in every project we handle. Homelockers ensure that we provide assistance from beginning to the finale of the project. We are certified in AITECH APPROVED BUILDING SYSTEM, PHILIPPINE NATIONAL BUILDING CODE, AMERICA BUILDING CODE, BRITISH BUILDING CODE and AUSTRALIA BUILDING CODE.

Trusted and reliable house constructor Olongapo

Searching for house constructor that you can trust for your dream house in Olongapo? Homelockers construction and development are the one you need.  The workers are experts and highly skilled to provide an excellent and outstanding solution for every project they handle. Our team guarantees assistance to our clients from beginning to the finale of the project. Hiring unknown house contractor can turn your dream house into nightmare and that’s quite more than just unsatisfying. Homelockers are commended for constructing elegant finished home for Filipino families. For a trusted and reliable house constructor in Olongapo, please contact us today.

Project consultancy Olongapo

Do you need a site visit and one on one consultation for your house construction in Olongapo? Our expert project consultant has variety of skills that can able to establish connection between the workers and navigate the process of construction. In addition to that, our project consultant has an effective leadership ensuring a high quality of workmanship in preparation and execution of the project. With almost 7 years in construction industry, our team can able to provide the most suitable and efficient method and strategies. For more inquiries, contact us today.


 10 years structural warranty Olongapo

Homelockers offer their high quality of services in house construction with 10 years of structural warranty. Our staff gives the manufacturer’s warranties for specified products or systems of the house and in general a limited warranty on the workmanship of the project as specified in the Certificate of Warranty which is hereby made integral part of the AGREEMENT. We are prepared to provide reliable and efficient solution to rectify the issue as long as your unit is not altered, modified, adjusted, revised, changed, refitted, redone, retailored, mutated, or expanded. For more inquiries and information, please contact us today.

State-of-the-art 3D design Olongapo

With the help of latest technologies, Homelockers are capable in providing 3D art design for your dream house in Olongapo. From doors to the furniture, exterior to interior, our expert team is capable to deliver a sight of the house and what our client’s house could be. We know how hard it is to imagine your house by simply looking at a huge plan. Leaving you to think what it is since all you can see is a set of rectangles and squares. In addition to that, it helps our clients to look thoroughly every structure of the house as well as making our architects to visualize the data from the design to real-time construction. For more inquiries and question please contact Homelockers and expect our quick response.