Homelockers Pampanga

House Constructor Pampanga

Buying a house is probably one of our greatest ambitions in life. It is usually considered as an achievement considering our time, hard work and commitment to save up for our dream house. That’s why you need experts for building your house to prevent the bad choices in planning and mistakes in the design leading you for more expenses to fix the issue. Homelockers are certified in AITECH APPROVED BUILDING SYSTEM, PHILIPPINE NATIONAL BUILDING CODE, AMERICA BUILDING CODE, BRITISH BUILDING CODE and AUSTRALIA BUILDING CODE. Our team is composed of young and enthusiastic architect, engineers and foremen to deliver a high quality of service in Pampanga. We guarantee a high quality of workmanship ensuring that there is no problem in our projects afterwards.

Free bank assistance with lowdown payment Pampanga

Your dream house is now within your reach! Homelockers are offering their services in Pampanga that is not enough for the budget to a house they want. As long as you have the required documents, we ensure easy and fast loan approval. For more inquiries please call Homelockers. We accept agency like Pag-ibig and guarantees hassle free loan assistance.

We estimates according to your budget

Homelockers provide full estimation in cost planning to limit our client’s cost. Together with the expertise of our team at Homelockers, we work with our client’s ideas and develop a plan that will suit and fit to their budget to avoid cost overrun and failure to complete the project. Homelockers improve the quality of building and performance and also meet the satisfaction and exceed our client’s expectation for every project we handle. Our team ensures that every client receives high quality of services in both design and construction as well as the cost is kept within the agreed budget.

Project Consultancy Pampanga

Homelockers ensure the best outcome to every project they handle. We are capable in providing assistance for our clients in Pampanga such as effective preparation, planning, analysis of risk aspects, project control and contract management. We provide effective solution for every project to everyday challenge as well as keeping our clients informed about the process of construction. Contact us today and we will send you one of our expert project consultants to site visit and one on one consultation.

10 years structural warranty Pampanga

Homelockers offer their high quality of services in house construction with 10 years of structural warranty. Our staff gives the manufacturer’s warranties for specified products or systems of the house and in general a limited warranty on the workmanship of the project as specified in the Certificate of Warranty which is hereby made integral part of the AGREEMENT. We are prepared to provide reliable and efficient solution to rectify the issue as long as your unit is not altered, modified, adjusted, revised, changed, refitted, redone, retailored, mutated, or expanded. For more inquiries and information, please contact us today.