No matter what the rest of your house looks like, Homelockers have a house plan that can fit for your desired setting. With the knowledge and expertise of our staff, we are prepared and ready to help you build the home of your dreams. Our plan offers comfort for the dweller and efficient putting them to enjoy their home longer than anyone else.

Floor plan according to client’s needs

We always trying to imagine how our home design will affect our lifestyle and the way we use our home. The problem is, if we do not consider the issues, we may end up making bad choices for our floor plan leading us to made a mistakes in the design that is expensive enough to correct or impossible to fix later on.

With the expertise of our architects, Homelockers provide a reliable and trusted excellent design for your needs.  We consider exactly what our clients truly needs and determine the particular desire of family members.

In designing of floor plans, we expect that our clients cannot understand the complexities of the designs. Thus, our architects are capable in providing advice while planning and provide interpretation for the design to explain everything and answer all of your questions. In addition to that, we also seriously consider rightsizing your house. Too large can lead you higher price and building cost, too small can lead you to move few years later on and insufficient storage spaces.

Estimations according to the client’s budget

Large or small houses can be very expensive to build especially if it has a lot of outdoor spaces, arched window and uneven patterns. That’s why every client should be aware that certain design can be much more expensive than the others. However, it’s not only about the forms and structures but also the required square meter space to be used.

Homelockers provide full estimation in cost planning in order to control our client’s expenses. Together with our expert staff, we developed the capability to improve the quality of building and performance and also greater expectation for every project we have. We ensure that every client we are working with receives better services in both design and construction as well as the cost is kept within the agreed budget at the same time.