State-of-the-art 3D Design

With the help of latest technologies, our team at Homelockers develops the capability to provide our clients a better view of their houses before the construction. We all know that it is hard to imagine your house by simply looking at the plan, leading you to think what it is since all you see is nothing but a set of rectangles and squares. That’s why with the knowledge and expertise of the team at Homelockers, we offer a virtual image of your dream house which includes the doors, windows, rooms and much more to deliver a sight of what your dream house could be. Our team provides a realistic impression from textures to furniture.

Homelockers is the Philippines’ top choice in providing 3D house design before the construction. It helps the clients to diagnose thoroughly every structure and corner as well as making our architects to visualize the data to real-time construction. However, if our clients noticed anything that doesn’t meet their expectations or if they think something is not necessary regarding the design, our architects can rectify it without any problems for the reason that we are willing to add their ideas and suggestions for better result of the project.